"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (20)

Several weeks pass,since Mary stopped at Freddie’s. She was afraid of going in there, because she didn’t want to get in an argument with Stan.

When Mary got up the nerve to go back in. She slowly walked in the door,and looked all around. Their wasn’t any Stan sitting in their. Relieved, she shut the front door,and walked over to the bar.

“Where have you been Mary?” said Jab

“I’ve been staying home,I didn’t want to get in another argument with Stan again. Has he been back in,since the night time I seen him?”

“Yes he has!” “He’s been in here every night,but I haven’t seen him for the last two days. Stan really looks bad,he hasn’t shaved,or changed his clothes. He smells bad,who knows when he had a bath last.
He can’t be working,because, he was in here early in the morning,till late evenings. I ask him,where he was staying,and he told me,it wasn’t any of my business.”

“I wonder where he could be staying Jab?”

“If you want my personal opinion, I think, he is living in his truck.”

“That’s not good,” sigh Mary

“No,it isn’t Mary. But he is a grown man,who are we to tell him what to do?”

“I almost forgot to tell you. Last week he had a phone call from a man named John. I yelled over at the corner table,where Stan’s been sitting. He told me to tell John,to go F..k himself. I just told John he wasn’t here.”

“John is my sister’s husband,they work together.”

“Well anyway,the last time he was in here,he stumbled out of here. I told him to be careful,and he just slammed the door behind him.”

“I’m starting to feel guilty Jab,I just used Stan,to get even with an old classmate of mine,which is Stan’s wife. I led him on,in a way. When his wife found out about us,she threw him out. I’m really ashamed of myself.” cried Mary

“Nevertheless,it takes two to tangle. You can’t take the whole blame.”sigh Jab

“I wish,I could agree with you,but I can’t. I’m going to go home. Good Night, Jab”

On her way home,she thought she might call Amy. Maybe John knows where he’s at. I hope Amy doesn’t hang up on me, because she was really mad at me the last time I was talking to her.

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“Sunnie Haze” (18)

“I hope your hungry Sunnie.” Alise said, as Sunnie walked in the front door.

“I am Mom!” “I want to go upstairs,and take a shower first. I went to the shelter after school,and helped out.”

“Okay Sunnie”

When Sunnie came back down,she filled her plate with the food on the table.

“Mom we haven’t had goulash for a long time,I just love it!”

“I know Sunnie,I thought that might be fast, and easy for dinner tonight.”

“Mom did you tell Dad about what I found?”

“Yes I did,he was surprised. But he admitted the cheating.

“How could your best friend Amy,do this to you?”

“She didn’t honey,it was her sister Mary. I didn’t tell you she had a twin,I didn’t think it was important. Because she never came around anyway.”

“So what are you and daddy going to do? I hope you both make-up.”

“I’m sorry Sunnie, it doesn’t work that way. I could never forgive him. I was so mad and hurt at him, I told your father to pack his stuff and get out of this house.

I know in my heart,if your father didn’t have that bad fall. We wouldn’t even be talking about this.Your father didn’t have it in him,to cheat on me. He was always a family man,thinking of his family.”

“Mom, I feel so bad, if I wasn’t there babysitting. I wouldn’t of found that envelope.”

“You can’t blame yourself Sunnie,I would of found out,sooner or later.”

“Mom,I decided,that I’m not going back to Amy’s,to babysit. I’m going to find another job. School is almost over,and I’m going to graduate. I have it figured out,I”ll work all summer at Arby’s. I forgot to tell you,that they are hiring,I already filled out my application. I went by their yesterday for my interview,and I was hired.”
“That’s great news,Sunnie. Did you tell Amy you won’t be babysitting anymore?”

“No!” “I’m to embarrass to go back their.”

“I’ll give her a call, so she can find someone.” sigh Alise

“Thanks mom, I love you” then she gave me a hug.

Sunnie then went upstairs,to do her school work.

Alise picked up the phone and call Amy. After Alise told Amy,Sunnie’s decision.

Amy said,”I don’t blame her,it’s okay.”

Alise yelled up the steps to Sunnie,”Amy said,she understands.”

“Thanks Mom,I appreciate you calling her.”

“I’m going to clean up the kitchen,finish your school work.”

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“Sunnie Haze” (10)

Sunnie works most week-ends, babysitting for Amy. Once in a while Amy will ask, Sunnie if she would work for a couple of hours on Friday nights. So that she, and Alise can go shopping together. It’s what they call their night out.
At first Sunnie, didn’t care too much for the job that she had. But as the time went on, she seemed to like the job, and the money that she was paid.
I think, once she got to know the two kids better, she was happier. They were all happier together.
Amy wasn’t very hard on her, and the two kids were well-behaved. Except when Johnnie wanted to play his game on the internet, and Lucy wanted to play hers at the same time. Lucy would do her sulking, and Johnnie would tease her.

Everything was going great, weeks and months pass for Sunnie. All though she was having a good time babysitting and putting her pay away each week . Sunnie didn’t have much time as she liked, to volunteer at her favorite S.P.C.A.,in town. But the little time she did have, Sunnie tried to make the best of it.

Lucy and Johnnie, spends a lot of week-ends together with Sunnie. Because Amy works on the week-ends. They both learned to love Sunnie, because she was always nice to them. Sunnie likes to help both of the children with their homework, when she works Friday nights. Sometimes they don’t have any school work, for over the week-end .

All of them will just play games, that they like. Lucy and Johnnie both told Sunnie, that she makes their homework more fun to do and understand.

Lucy said “ mom yells at us, if we don’t get right answers”.

Johnnie said “mom said, we just don’t pay attention in school.”

Sunnie answered,”your mother wants the best for both of you. So when you both go out into the world, you’ll both will be educated.
Your mother and father, wants you both to get a well-paying job. So you won’t have to depend on no one but yourselves.

“When you both get older, you’ll understand.” Sunnie replied.

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“Sunnie Haze” (8)

What Amy didn’t tell Alise was, after Mary drove off. Amy went back in the kitchen to make a cup of tea. When she noticed a piece of paper, folded up, under the kitchen table. She thought, “something that Mary didn’t see.” Amy stooped over and picked the paper up.
She opened it, and was shocked to read that her sister. Was having an affair with Alise’s husband, Stan.
I knew Mary told Alise, years ago. When they were just teenagers. “That she would never forgive her, because of the decision she made at that time.”
“I don’t know ,how I’m going to tell Alise” thought Amy. I can’t believe my sister, would do such a thing. To my closest friend, we have been friends for years. I hope Alise doesn’t blame me in some way.
I have to make sure, Mary gets home safe–Sobers up. Then I ask her, what the hell is going on. She better have a good answer ,or I’ll never speak to my sister again.

Amy and Mary don’t live to far from each other. They talk once in a while on their phone. Mary seems to be busy with her work. Amy is busy with her family and work. It seems they just went their own way.
“Mary should be home by now. Let me call her. “ Amy dialed Mary’s number, it rang and rang, but no answer. Finally Mary, answered her phone. This was about 1:00 in the morning. After, Amy calling her sister half the night. “Where have you been? Asked Amy, I’ve been worried sick about you.” Mary response was, “I didn’t think, I have to answer, to you? Why is it any of your business?” Amy coolly answered, “You left after the party , to intoxicated, to drive home. I was concern about you that’s all.” Mary seemed to be annoyed, she said,” alright, now you know I’m fine.”
“One more thing Mary, you left your little love note, from Stan. I hope it isn’t Alise’s, husband Stan? “
Mary said, “Now the cat is out of the box.”
I can’t believe you could stoop so low. You know he is married! Where is your brain?”
“Again Amy! This is none of your dam business! Mary said, infuriated. Who are you to tell me , who the hell to see?”
“ The worse thing, besides them having a beautiful daughter. Alise is my best friend, you know that! How could you do such a thing?”
“ What I can remember, is being mocked by both of them, Paul and Alise. Even though, I thought, it was all Alise’s fault for excepting his offer. I vowed, to myself, I’ll get even with her, no matter how long it takes. So you see, we are even now.”

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“Sunnie Haze” (5)

I remember back in junior high, Mary and I liked the same boy in school. Mary talked about him all the time. His name was Paul, he was tall and incredibly handsome.

One day, after one of our morning classes. Paul ask me to the prom, I couldn’t believe he ask me. I accepted the offer, at that moment I was in my glory.

I couldn’t wait until lunch time , so I could tell Amy and Mary my good news.

When lunch time finally came around. I rushed down to where, we all met before we went to lunch. I saw Mary and Amy walking down the hall, they were both talking and laughing.

“I yelled to them both, hurry up, I just got good news that I want to share.” They both hurried along, then we all went to the lunch room.

“ What’s the good news ?” Both of the sister’s asked me.

I answered “I’ll tell you both, after we get our food and sit down.”
Mary said, “I can’t wait!”

After they all sat down to eat, both sisters said “O.K. Alise let it out!”

I blurted out, “Paul , asked me to the prom!

“Mary I know you like him to, but I didn’t think you would mind, so I told him yes.”,,

Mary stood up, grabbed her lunch up from the table. Looked at me with a glare in her eyes.

Mary said, “ Alise, I thought you were my friend, you bitch! I’ll never forgive you, for this!”

Mary threw her lunch in the trash, and darted out of the lunch room.

Mary never talked to me after that.

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Daydreaming (12)

The next day at work, didn’t go as fast, as I wanted it. But it was Friday ,so I made the best of it. Furthermore, tonight, I have a dinner date with Cliff. I hope he remembers , because I haven’t seen him today.
About a half hour before I was ready to leave, Cliff knocked on my door. Opened it and stuck his head in.
He smiled, “I hope you didn’t forget about our date?”
“Of course not Cliff! Besides I’m starving!
“Great News Amberly! So am I!
I’m going back to my desk and put everything away, until Monday. Most of my work is caught up with,away. Don’t go anywhere,I’ll be back,”(than he closed the door).
I stacked, all my papers neatly in a pile. So I could continue, where I had left off, on Monday. I shut down my computer. I then waited for Cliff to come back.
I hope Cliff and I enjoy our night. ( I thought) I’m being silly, the last holiday party we both attended from work. Cliff and I sat and talked, mostly all through the party. We were sharing things about our selves. I told him where I was from, the college I went to. Also, that, I had a married brother Darrin. Who lives in Florida…..They have three year old, twin boys.
He sat their the whole time, taking everything in. It seemed he was fascinated with every word I said. Cliffs alluring green eyes,gave him away.
When it was his turn, he told me, “He was raised in Willow Grove PA. He lived with his parents and his brother and sister. Until he went off to college, which was, “The University of Maryland.”
I then heard a knock at the door, it startled me. I must have been daydreaming.
I grabbed my handbag, and opened the door. Cliff was standing their and said, “Let’s get outta here!”