"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (27)

Things were back to normal at our house. It was nearing the end of the summer.

Sunnie and Fred were making the best of it. Fred was getting ready to go off to college, in Texas.

Sunnie was enrolling soon,at the local Veterinarian School.

They both were excited about the changes. Sunnie said,they both promised each other to keep in touch with e-mails. But they both could date other people,and not get mad at each other.
Sunnie said,”If it was in the cards,and we both felt the same about each other after finishing college. Then maybe we would get married.

The second week of August,Fred left for college. Sunnie was very sad,but she knew this was coming. Fred promised he would keep in touch.

Fall was coming in,the days were cooler,the leaves were changing different colors.

Shades of a combination of yellow,orange and brown,just beautiful.

Sunnie was doing well in school,she always seems to adapt pretty well to educational changes.

Sunnie said that her and Fred communicated with e-mails,for about six months. Then they got less and less. He said that he didn’t have the time,to keep updating.. Fred was to busy with his studies.
When the time came for the breaks at holidays,Fred didn’t call,or even come and see Sunnie.
That is when she knew,their relationship was over. Since than,Sunnie has made many new friends. Also having the time of her life,and enjoying taking care of all the animals at work.
Amy and I are still best of friends. Sometimes,Amy and John,and Stan and I go out on the town together. But mostly we take turns,at each others house,and just play cards for fun.

The troublemaker has turn her life around. Mary has remarried,and is expecting twins in about three months. Amy said that Mary has giving up drinking. And regrets all the trouble that she has cause Stan and I. Maybe some day,I’ll be able to forgive her,but not today.


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“Sunnie Haze” (21)

Amy said she woke up real early this morning. She said she just couldn’t sleep.It was about 6:00a.m. John was already up, he was down stairs in the kitchen.

“Good Morning Love,”John said to Amy “It’s unusual for you to be up already this early. I just made a pot of coffee.”

“I know John,you can smell the coffee brewing up stairs. “It really smells so good!”

“I didn’t sleep very good last night. I’m worried about Alise,she just doesn’t seem like herself lately. We went to the mall yesterday. All she talked about was Stan,and how she misses, the old Stan.”

“Stan has really changed,said John. He is completely different since he had that bad accident at work. I haven’t seen him,in a couple of weeks, since Alise threw him out.

I called the bar where he goes,yesterday. The bartender told me,he wasn’t there. I still can’t believe,he was seeing another woman. Who would believe it was Mary, they really are like night and day.”
John looked at the clock and said, “I better get to work,he gave Amy a kiss,and said to her,”Give the kids a kiss for me,I love you.” Then he was out the door.

Amy woke Lucy and Johnnie up for school,after she drank her coffee. They were both excited about going to school today. Because they only had a half of day. The teachers are having one of their meetings. It gives the kids,a little break.

“I’m sure glad I found another babysitter,on such an short notice. Sunnie was good with my two kids,and they miss her. But they both seem to get along with Mallory,which is good.”

By the time it was time for me to go to work. Which was earlier than usual,Mallory was outside with Lucy and Johnnie. I was getting dressed when the phone rang. I picked the phone up.

The voice on the other line said,”Hello Amy!” Are you still mad at me?”

“It all depends if you broke your relationship off with Stan.”

“You might as well say I did! After Alise threw Stan out,he wanted to move in with me. I told him . “No”! …he got pissed. I haven’t seen him since. Has he been around their?”

“Not that I know of!” “I think if he was, Alise would of told me.”

“I thought, I would call you and ask. Because no one has seen him in a couple of days.”

“Just let it be Mary!” “Maybe Stan will come to his senses,and they could have back, their once, happy family again.”

“That’s okay with me,I think I learned my lesson. Good Bye Sis.”

After Amy hung the phone up,she finished getting dressed for work.

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“Sunnie Haze” (4)

Amy, is Alise’s friend from way back in their school days. Amy and her family, moved in town, when the girls were just starting school. They have known each other, since first grade.

Alise and Amy work at the same local market in town. Amy has a twin sister Mary. which some remember ,or don’t care to remember,because of her nasty attitude,sometimes.

Mary moved out of her parents house, right after high school. She always wanted to be her own person.

Alise never told Sunnie, that Amy had a twin. Sunnie was conscious only, that her mom and Amy were best friends from school. There was no cause to bring it up, about Mary.

The sisters both had long blonde hair, in school. Amy wore her hair in a flip, which was the style back in the day. Presently Amy wears her blonde curly hair to her shoulder, sometimes pulled back. Into a pony-tail.
Mary wore her hair in braids back then. The last time I seen Mary, she had short, curly, blonde hair, pulled back in the front, with a hair band. Mary and Amy, have blue eyes, are the same height, and were around the same weight.

Today Amy is a little heavier than Mary.

They both were happy and friendly in school. But they equally, had different personalities. Mary was the dominant one. She was very combative, and envious of her sister. Amy was vivacious, and kind. They both liked to socialize together, when they were younger. As they grew into teenagers, both of them had different friends. Mary always accused Amy of taking her friends away.

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“Sunnie Haze” (3)

When I told Stan, that Sunnie wanted to go to Veterinarian school.

His reply was, “Sunnie better start saving her own money now. If she wants to go to that dumb school. Why doesn’t she get a job at the market where you work? She doesn’t have to go to a special school for that. You didn’t, and they hired you.”

“You don’t have to be so smart, Stan!” I replied.

After, that discussion with him about Sunnie. I told her I would help her as much as I could. She knows, I don’t make that much money, and her father just gives me so much money for the household. I would like to know what he does with the money he has left over each week.”

He does go out with the guys on the week-end, and sometimes he stays out all night.

Stan said, “ He needs time for himself.”

Well that is the reason; Sunnie got a part-time job babysitting.

When Sunnie started looking for a part-time job, she didn’t have a clue what she was going to do.

Until Amy called me and told me, she was looking for a new babysitter.

The sitter she had, moved away with her parents, to a different town.

Because her father was laid off from his job. When he found another
job that he was interested in, online. He sent his resume in. About three weeks later, he got the good news, he was hired.

So the family decided to move closer to his new job. Which paid a great deal more money than his old job.

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Guess who I seen? (6)


My cousin Dana, e-mailed me yesterday. She lives in Colorado  Springs.

My aunt, uncle, and Dana moved there, maybe,  fifteen years ago.

Dana was just  a young girl  at the time.  She is the only child.

While, my aunt and uncle visited the state, on vacation.

Both, fell in love with it. They had to go back.

Both agreed, to go back, when they had enough of money, for a

down payment, on a new house. They both were very frugal, after

that. It took them a while, but they did it.

Dana said, “ I bet you can’t guess, who I ran into the other day?”

I  e-mailed her back, and said,” I don’t have a clue. “

Dana answered, “I couldn’t believe it!”

It was Carree. I walked passed the bus station, with my girlfriend.

There  were a couple of  people   standing  there, waiting for the bus.

Then all of  a  sudden, this lady, walked in front of me.

She said,    ” Your Dana”      ” I  would know you anywhere.”

I recognized,  her right away.

Carree, didn’t change very much.

She told me,” I looked the same, she would of known me anywhere.”

I asked her, “Where she lived ? Her answer,”From place to place”.

“I  didn’t question  her answer. Maybe, I  should of asked her what she meant,” wrote Dana.


Dana, is younger, than both of us. Carree, and  I   use to take Dana, skating, or just do fun stuff together.

After hearing the good news, of Dana, actually, seeing Carree.  I felt a little relief for Carree.

The good news, started me reminiscing…….We both use to go to the library a lot, to do research, for some of our classes.

No matter where we went ,or just hung out together, we always had a good time.

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(The Last Letter)

She didn’t write anything about her parents.
I do know, that Carree said, “before they moved, her father was
thinking about retiring.
She said, “her mother, didn’t have a steady job. She just worked, when she wanted to.
She also said, “sometimes, her mother and her, would set up at a Flea market. To sell some of her mother’s wares, but the problem was, she always brought back, more than she took.”
My mother and father, loves buying different things that catch
their eyes, at a cheap price.

” The last letter, I received from Carree.
She was talking about the new school, that she was attending.
She didn’t like the school ,or her classmates.
She was thinking about quitting ,and getting a job.

Carree, also wrote,”she wasn’t getting along with her parents.
She wish her sister, Jammie was their with her. Then it wouldn’t be so lonely.”
If she had given me her return address. I would of written back to her.
To tell her she should stay in school, and graduate. She only had a couple of years, to go, like  myself.
But by reading all the letters, I was receiving from her. I don’t think, she would of taken my advice