"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (24)

Twenty minutes later,a doctor walked in.He asked Stan how he was feeling today.

“Hello Doctor Vess!” “I’m feelling a little better,because my wife Alise is here.

“Hello Mrs. Hazes,nice to meet you. I’m your husband’s doctor,Dr. Vess. He is one lucky man,he was in very bad shape,when he first arrived.

He was bleeding internally,from an tore spleen. The spleen was repaired,and your husband,has to take antibiotics,for cautionary infection.He also has a fracture skull,and of course a broken leg. Mr. Hazes will be okay,with lots of rest.If his results comes back good,then he can go home maybe, in seven to tens days.

The nurse came in the room to give Stan his medications. The doctor than said, he had more patients to see,and left the room.
Stan started to doze off,after the nurse gave him his medications. I gave him a kiss,and told him I was leaving.I will be back some time tomorrow. Stan was sound asleep,before I even left the room.

When I got home,Sunnie wasn’t home yet. So I called Amy,and told her what the doctor said.
“If you need anything,call me anytime,or just come over to the house.”said Amy

About an half hour after I hung the phone-up. Sunnie came walking in the door from work.
“Your father is in the hospital,he was hit by an car.” I also told her about his injuries.

Sunnie was shaky, and had tears rolling down her face,”It’s all my fault,if I didn’t come home and tell you about dad,this wouldn’t of happen.”

I also had tears flowing down my face, I gently looked at Sunnie and said,”Honey it’s not your fault this happened. Your father was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

I then hugged Sunnie.

Sunnie lowly muttered,”I know Mom,I know!”


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“Sunnie Haze” (16)

Later that day,Sunnie came in from school.She went up to her room and finished her homework. Afterward,she got changed and went to the s.p.c.a. to help feed the animals. She thought out loud,while she was walking to the shelter. ”I better keep my mind busy,this is so surreal,about what’s going on in this family. I hope mom and dad, will make up. If dad comes to his senses,and mom forgives him.”

That day at work,was hard for Alise. She was ostensibly,to all her customer’s. But Alise held her head up high. She wasn’t gone to let Stan get the best of her.

I can’t blame Amy,she sighed,it’s her stupid sister’s doing. How can she hold a grudge on something that happened long ago? She thought,especially something stupid as an prom date.

After work,Amy and I walked home. I didn’t say too much to Amy at first.But Amy kept telling her,that, “she was sorry this happen. Also,she was sorrier,because it started, with her crazy sister.”

Amy I said,”My problem is out the door. I just don’t know how to tell Sunnie,I threw her father out.”

“Sunnie knows what is going on with her father. She is very intelligent,and old enough to understand.”

“I hope so!” I sure don’t want her to blame herself,for what happened.”

“She’ll understand, Alise.”

We both arrived near our house,and I told Amy,”That I would see her tomorrow at work.”
“If you need me,call,or just come over. I’ve got to bring this pass John tonight.”
When I unlocked my front door,and walked into the foyer.

I just cried my eyes out,immediately after I shut the door.

When I came to my senses ——— I thought, ”I better get myself together, it’s almost 6:30 p.m. Sunnie was due home soon.”

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“Sunnie Haze” (13)

Amy called Mary later that night,but as usual,she wasn’t home. Well, on the other hand,maybe she was,but didn’t want to talk to her. I have to keep trying,thought Amy. Because,I know Sunnie must have looked in the envelope. Anybody would have been curious. I just hope Sunnie doesn’t think it was me. I’m sure, Alise,told her, that I had a twin by now.
About an hour later Amy said,she called Mary again. This time, Mary answered,”Hello Sis!” “What did I do this time?”

“I called you tonight,because Sunnie found your letter and picture. That you dropped,when you were here last. I hid it,I thought, but while Sunnie was babysitting tonight. She said,she heard something break,while she was going upstairs to the bathroom. Any way,she had to see the envelope,where I hid it. Because what broke,was the picture,where the envelope was taped behind.”

“So what do you think,I’m suppose to do?” yawned Mary

“I thought you would have picked it up by now,than this wouldn’t of happened.”

“Bull Shit Amy!” “If you wanted to,you could have threw it in the trash!”

“That’s right!” I’ve should of, but I didn’t.”

“Just throw it out,and don’t bother me with this shit!”

“Don’t bother you with this shit!” I just hope,when Alise finds out,she doesn’t think it’s me.”
“Mary laughed,don’t worry, she’s your best friend,deal with it!”

Amy slammed the phone down,and thought,”I’ve got to straighten this out myself.”

I’ve just got to tell Alise myself. I”m really embarrass,I shouldn’t have to tell her,Mary is the real bitch,thought Amy.

I’m ashamed to call Mary my sister,sisters don’t do these things to each other.

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“Sunnie Haze” (12)

I can’t believe my dad , what is he trying to prove ?

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can’t tell my mom, it would only break her heart. I have to do something about what I seen. But I don’t know what, right now.

Sunnie put the image and letter back the way she found it. She knew, she wasn’t suppose to be in that room. This room is Amy’s and John’s private space. Mom taught me, that everyone has their own private space.

I’ve already been going for about five minutes. The two kids, probably think I fell in the toilet. I better do my business, and get back down stairs. Act like nothing happened.

When I went down stairs, both of the kids were doing their homework. I ask each of them, if they needed any help. Johnnie and Lucy said they were both finished. Both were just finishing up.
I waited until Amy came home from work. I told her what had happen upstairs. But I left out the part where I went into the room.
Just than, I heard a noise upstairs, when I was going to the bathroom. Looked in the master bedroom, where I thought the noise came from. Then I seen, the frame on the floor. “ I didn’t go into the room” said Sunnie.

But Amy be careful there is glass all over.”

After Amy paid me for babysitting,which she usually does. When it’s time for me to leave. I said good night to everyone and walked home, like I usually do.

While I was walking home, I had a lot of thinking to do.

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“Carree” (9)

The letter ended, and I couldn’t wait, to hear from her again.
I e-mailed Dana, and told her about the letter, yesterday. She hasn’t e-mailed me back yet.

I’ve been especially busy at work. I have a deadline to meet. That is the reason. I’ve been working a couple of extra hours each day. One night, a co-worker of mine Cliff. Was leaving the same time I was. He works in the next department from me. We met at one of the companies holiday parties. He said, “Amberly, I notice you have been working as late as me. Why don’t we both go and have dinner?
Not tonight Cliff, maybe, tomorrow night. I’ve had this splinting headache all day. Probably because of this deadline I have.
“That’s okay Amberly” Cliff said. “Tomorrow night will be better any way, it Friday. I don’t have any plans, besides, I rather spend it with you.”
Your too sweet,Cliff.
As I drove home to my apartment, in my mid-size white, 2010 Ford Fusion. It was a nice summer night. People were sitting outside on their porches, and children were playing. They were all taking advantage of this time of year.
I found a parking spot, near my apartment. I have lived here, in Snow Hill, Maryland, for about ten years. This town, is very different than my hometown, in Girdletree, Maryland. My hometown is more laid back. Snow Hill is a little more fast pace. Nevertheless, I love them both.
I checked my mailbox, there’s not much in there, maybe junk mail. I walk up the steps to my apartment. As I put the key in the lock, and open my door. I say to myself, (I’m glad to be home….what a day.) I turn on the living room lights. Walk in to my kitchen, and put my keys and mail on the table. Pour a glass of ice tea from the refrigerator. I notice in the mail, a letter from Carree sticking out. I pick the letter up, and go into the living room. To sit down in the chair and read her letter.

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Carree’s Letter (8)

Three weeks later, I received a letter in the mail from Carree. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the first of many to come.
The first one, was about seeing Dana, she said that it was a shocker running into her. But most of all, that Dana has been living in Colorado, with her parents, for a long time.
Carree also wrote, that she was glad Dana gave her my new address “It had been a long time, since she has wrote me. I didn’t give you my address…. Because, I didn’t know where I was going to stay, at that time. Carree ended it there.

The next thing I did, was e-mail Dana. I told her that I received a short letter from Carree . She said she was happy to run into you. She also was glad you gave her my new address. I told Dana, I would e-mail her, if there was anything important from Carree. That’s if I ever hear from her again.

I continued to received many letters from Carree. They were like short notes. Mostly reminiscing about, happenings of our school days, and friendship.

Then, I didn’t hear anything from her for about two months. I couldn’t write to her, because she didn’t leave her return address. Which I couldn’t imagine why.

So, when Carree wrote again. She apologized for not writing sooner. Matter-of –fact she said, “I should tell you why, our family packed-up, so fast, and moved out of the state.”
I’ll start from the beginning. As you already know, my parents like to buy different things. Things they liked, things to put away in case they need it later. Well any way, this has been going on even before my sister and I were born. As my sister Jamie, and I got older,we were about four and eight, we noticed. When we visited family on special occasions. We both observed, how other people lived. It wasn’t anything like our house. Our house was a disaster. My mother had piles of junk, stacked all over the house.
She wouldn’t let us move the things off of the sofa in the living room. Where there were papers and old magazines stacked. Jamie and I wanted to sit on the sofa and watch t.v. But mom wouldn’t here of it.

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(The Last Letter)

She didn’t write anything about her parents.
I do know, that Carree said, “before they moved, her father was
thinking about retiring.
She said, “her mother, didn’t have a steady job. She just worked, when she wanted to.
She also said, “sometimes, her mother and her, would set up at a Flea market. To sell some of her mother’s wares, but the problem was, she always brought back, more than she took.”
My mother and father, loves buying different things that catch
their eyes, at a cheap price.

” The last letter, I received from Carree.
She was talking about the new school, that she was attending.
She didn’t like the school ,or her classmates.
She was thinking about quitting ,and getting a job.

Carree, also wrote,”she wasn’t getting along with her parents.
She wish her sister, Jammie was their with her. Then it wouldn’t be so lonely.”
If she had given me her return address. I would of written back to her.
To tell her she should stay in school, and graduate. She only had a couple of years, to go, like  myself.
But by reading all the letters, I was receiving from her. I don’t think, she would of taken my advice