"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (24)

Twenty minutes later,a doctor walked in.He asked Stan how he was feeling today.

“Hello Doctor Vess!” “I’m feelling a little better,because my wife Alise is here.

“Hello Mrs. Hazes,nice to meet you. I’m your husband’s doctor,Dr. Vess. He is one lucky man,he was in very bad shape,when he first arrived.

He was bleeding internally,from an tore spleen. The spleen was repaired,and your husband,has to take antibiotics,for cautionary infection.He also has a fracture skull,and of course a broken leg. Mr. Hazes will be okay,with lots of rest.If his results comes back good,then he can go home maybe, in seven to tens days.

The nurse came in the room to give Stan his medications. The doctor than said, he had more patients to see,and left the room.
Stan started to doze off,after the nurse gave him his medications. I gave him a kiss,and told him I was leaving.I will be back some time tomorrow. Stan was sound asleep,before I even left the room.

When I got home,Sunnie wasn’t home yet. So I called Amy,and told her what the doctor said.
“If you need anything,call me anytime,or just come over to the house.”said Amy

About an half hour after I hung the phone-up. Sunnie came walking in the door from work.
“Your father is in the hospital,he was hit by an car.” I also told her about his injuries.

Sunnie was shaky, and had tears rolling down her face,”It’s all my fault,if I didn’t come home and tell you about dad,this wouldn’t of happen.”

I also had tears flowing down my face, I gently looked at Sunnie and said,”Honey it’s not your fault this happened. Your father was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

I then hugged Sunnie.

Sunnie lowly muttered,”I know Mom,I know!”


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My Rules

Dear Amberly,
I just finished work, the place was very busy . I think we fed the whole neighborhood. Cathy was off today, so when I got home, and started to go inside. I could hear Cathy and Boo arguing again. This time, it seemed over money. I walked in, and they stopped. I said hello, and I was going to my room. Cathy I said,”It was very busy at work today and I’m tired.” “Okay” said Cathy.
When I went into my room, and shut the door. Cathy and Boo, were at it again. Forget sleeping right now, this gives me time to write again.
I believed, my letter left off………where my mother, made Jamie and I go out in the backyard. Retrieve her precious ,books ,magazines and old papers.
After we retrieved, her junk.

Mom told Jamie and I, the story why she loves her possessions
When she was growing up, she loved to read. Mom would bring articles home to read.
Her Mother, asked her, “Why she brought all these papers home from school?”
Mom answered, ”Because I like to read.”
Her Mother shrieked, “You read all you want in school. But when you come home, you have your chores to do.”
She snatched the papers out of her hands, and threw all of them in the trash. “Now, get in the kitchen and wash them dishes, after you dry them,don’t forget to put them all away.
I cook supper every night,so the least thing you can do is help clean up”.

I sob,”Richie doesn’t have to do anything,it’s always me.”
Her Mother yells,”You leave your brother out of this,I’m speaking to you. Now after your finished get to bed.”
After that, I promised myself,when I get older, I’m going to read all I want.

Jamie said, “Mom we like to have our friends over. Why can’t Carree and I help you move all of your things,in the spare room? Then we can clean the house. Because we are too humiliated, to invite, our friends in. When we go to our friends house,their places are in shipshape.”
“How dare you speak to me like that! There is nothing wrong with this place! If you girls would only straighten up this place,instead of always complaining.
Just leave my things alone, their fine the way I have them. I don’t want to here another word about this. If you don’t like my rules,go live with your friends. Now! Get up stairs, both of you!
After that, I kept quiet, but Jamie remained angry. Mom, and my sister were constantly arguing, mom was always picking on Jamie.

I bored you enough, I’ll get back to you soon. (I hope)
Things seem to be quiet now. Maybe I can get some sleep.
Your Friend,
I put the letter back in the envelope, and was unhappy for Carree.

(I thought) It’s late, I better get ready for bed, I work tomorrow. I forgot, after work, Cliff and I have a dinner date. I need my beauty sleep!

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Carree’s Letter (8)

Three weeks later, I received a letter in the mail from Carree. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the first of many to come.
The first one, was about seeing Dana, she said that it was a shocker running into her. But most of all, that Dana has been living in Colorado, with her parents, for a long time.
Carree also wrote, that she was glad Dana gave her my new address “It had been a long time, since she has wrote me. I didn’t give you my address…. Because, I didn’t know where I was going to stay, at that time. Carree ended it there.

The next thing I did, was e-mail Dana. I told her that I received a short letter from Carree . She said she was happy to run into you. She also was glad you gave her my new address. I told Dana, I would e-mail her, if there was anything important from Carree. That’s if I ever hear from her again.

I continued to received many letters from Carree. They were like short notes. Mostly reminiscing about, happenings of our school days, and friendship.

Then, I didn’t hear anything from her for about two months. I couldn’t write to her, because she didn’t leave her return address. Which I couldn’t imagine why.

So, when Carree wrote again. She apologized for not writing sooner. Matter-of –fact she said, “I should tell you why, our family packed-up, so fast, and moved out of the state.”
I’ll start from the beginning. As you already know, my parents like to buy different things. Things they liked, things to put away in case they need it later. Well any way, this has been going on even before my sister and I were born. As my sister Jamie, and I got older,we were about four and eight, we noticed. When we visited family on special occasions. We both observed, how other people lived. It wasn’t anything like our house. Our house was a disaster. My mother had piles of junk, stacked all over the house.
She wouldn’t let us move the things off of the sofa in the living room. Where there were papers and old magazines stacked. Jamie and I wanted to sit on the sofa and watch t.v. But mom wouldn’t here of it.