"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (21)

Amy said she woke up real early this morning. She said she just couldn’t sleep.It was about 6:00a.m. John was already up, he was down stairs in the kitchen.

“Good Morning Love,”John said to Amy “It’s unusual for you to be up already this early. I just made a pot of coffee.”

“I know John,you can smell the coffee brewing up stairs. “It really smells so good!”

“I didn’t sleep very good last night. I’m worried about Alise,she just doesn’t seem like herself lately. We went to the mall yesterday. All she talked about was Stan,and how she misses, the old Stan.”

“Stan has really changed,said John. He is completely different since he had that bad accident at work. I haven’t seen him,in a couple of weeks, since Alise threw him out.

I called the bar where he goes,yesterday. The bartender told me,he wasn’t there. I still can’t believe,he was seeing another woman. Who would believe it was Mary, they really are like night and day.”
John looked at the clock and said, “I better get to work,he gave Amy a kiss,and said to her,”Give the kids a kiss for me,I love you.” Then he was out the door.

Amy woke Lucy and Johnnie up for school,after she drank her coffee. They were both excited about going to school today. Because they only had a half of day. The teachers are having one of their meetings. It gives the kids,a little break.

“I’m sure glad I found another babysitter,on such an short notice. Sunnie was good with my two kids,and they miss her. But they both seem to get along with Mallory,which is good.”

By the time it was time for me to go to work. Which was earlier than usual,Mallory was outside with Lucy and Johnnie. I was getting dressed when the phone rang. I picked the phone up.

The voice on the other line said,”Hello Amy!” Are you still mad at me?”

“It all depends if you broke your relationship off with Stan.”

“You might as well say I did! After Alise threw Stan out,he wanted to move in with me. I told him . “No”! …he got pissed. I haven’t seen him since. Has he been around their?”

“Not that I know of!” “I think if he was, Alise would of told me.”

“I thought, I would call you and ask. Because no one has seen him in a couple of days.”

“Just let it be Mary!” “Maybe Stan will come to his senses,and they could have back, their once, happy family again.”

“That’s okay with me,I think I learned my lesson. Good Bye Sis.”

After Amy hung the phone up,she finished getting dressed for work.


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“Sunnie Haze” (12)

I can’t believe my dad , what is he trying to prove ?

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can’t tell my mom, it would only break her heart. I have to do something about what I seen. But I don’t know what, right now.

Sunnie put the image and letter back the way she found it. She knew, she wasn’t suppose to be in that room. This room is Amy’s and John’s private space. Mom taught me, that everyone has their own private space.

I’ve already been going for about five minutes. The two kids, probably think I fell in the toilet. I better do my business, and get back down stairs. Act like nothing happened.

When I went down stairs, both of the kids were doing their homework. I ask each of them, if they needed any help. Johnnie and Lucy said they were both finished. Both were just finishing up.
I waited until Amy came home from work. I told her what had happen upstairs. But I left out the part where I went into the room.
Just than, I heard a noise upstairs, when I was going to the bathroom. Looked in the master bedroom, where I thought the noise came from. Then I seen, the frame on the floor. “ I didn’t go into the room” said Sunnie.

But Amy be careful there is glass all over.”

After Amy paid me for babysitting,which she usually does. When it’s time for me to leave. I said good night to everyone and walked home, like I usually do.

While I was walking home, I had a lot of thinking to do.