"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (27)

Things were back to normal at our house. It was nearing the end of the summer.

Sunnie and Fred were making the best of it. Fred was getting ready to go off to college, in Texas.

Sunnie was enrolling soon,at the local Veterinarian School.

They both were excited about the changes. Sunnie said,they both promised each other to keep in touch with e-mails. But they both could date other people,and not get mad at each other.
Sunnie said,”If it was in the cards,and we both felt the same about each other after finishing college. Then maybe we would get married.

The second week of August,Fred left for college. Sunnie was very sad,but she knew this was coming. Fred promised he would keep in touch.

Fall was coming in,the days were cooler,the leaves were changing different colors.

Shades of a combination of yellow,orange and brown,just beautiful.

Sunnie was doing well in school,she always seems to adapt pretty well to educational changes.

Sunnie said that her and Fred communicated with e-mails,for about six months. Then they got less and less. He said that he didn’t have the time,to keep updating.. Fred was to busy with his studies.
When the time came for the breaks at holidays,Fred didn’t call,or even come and see Sunnie.
That is when she knew,their relationship was over. Since than,Sunnie has made many new friends. Also having the time of her life,and enjoying taking care of all the animals at work.
Amy and I are still best of friends. Sometimes,Amy and John,and Stan and I go out on the town together. But mostly we take turns,at each others house,and just play cards for fun.

The troublemaker has turn her life around. Mary has remarried,and is expecting twins in about three months. Amy said that Mary has giving up drinking. And regrets all the trouble that she has cause Stan and I. Maybe some day,I’ll be able to forgive her,but not today.


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“Sunnie Haze” (15)

The next day after Amy got her kids off to school. She walked over to my house to straighten things out. Before she arrived at my front door,she seen in front of her,Stan,putting his personal belonging,in his green pick-up.She said,he looked like he was taking enough, to stay for a while. I don’t think he seen me,so I stayed back,and waited for him to pull away.

Amy then knocked on the door,and she heard someone crying. She tried the door,and it was unlocked. Amy walked into my house,and seen me crying at the kitchen table.

“What’s the matter Alise? she said

“You dam right know what’s wrong! Sunnie came home and told me what she seen. She told me it was you and Stan,in a picture. With a love letter in an envelope.

When Stan came in from his all,out night again. I confronted him,about you and Stan.

He admitted it.

But he said, ”it’s not you,it’s Mary”.

I almost fell off my seat.

“Further more so what?” I’ll do what I want!” Stan yelled

“I cried out!” “Yes you can do what you want,after you leave with all your things.Now get the hell out of this house,and don’t come back.”

After he packed all his things,he said,”you’ll never make it on your own.”

“With tears,still in my eyes,” I yelled, “Just leave,and get the hell out of this house! Don’t even think of coming back!”

“What on earth are you going to do now,Alise?” Amy whispered

“I don’t know I muttered,but let’s get to work. I would like to stay home today, but I can’t.”

“You’ll probably feel better,being with other people.

I know I would,feel better.” Amy sighed

“Let’s go Amy!”

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“Sunnie Haze” (14)

After Amy slammed the phone down, Mary had a good laugh.

Mary was listening to her country station,when her sister called. Mary,lately likes to sit in her bedroom,with the lights low,and listen to her radio.

Lets not forget about her booze. Mary was a drinker, but she drank more after she met Stan.
Every where they went together,there was always booze in the picture. But she put up with it,because she didn’t want him to not like her.As long as she went along with him,she had an opportunity to get even with, smart-ass Alise.

The more she got to know Stan,the more she disliked him. He really was a women-hater. He always makes not-nice remarks, about women.

For example: This one is a whore,I know the way they look,or this one is ugly as sin. Just dumb shit! You think this is nuts! You should hear him when he is drunk.
Talking about drunk,I got so drunk and horny one night. I made the big mistake of asking him to spend the night with me. I can’t say,we didn’t have a hot time. I just didn’t want this to happen, but it did.

Nevertheless, this is the reason,she left the envelope under her sister’s table. Mary knew,it would get back to Alise. Her best friend,who she seems to like better than her own blood.

Mary thought, Amy would show it to Alise,and it would just rock her world. Then this vendetta would end,and Mary could get on with her life. Mary knew this was petty,but she wanted Alise to feel,like she did,long time ago.

It’s just ashamed, that Alises daughter, found the envelope first. It is what it is! Maybe if there’s a next time, she won’t be so nosy.

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“Sunnie Haze” (12)

I can’t believe my dad , what is he trying to prove ?

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can’t tell my mom, it would only break her heart. I have to do something about what I seen. But I don’t know what, right now.

Sunnie put the image and letter back the way she found it. She knew, she wasn’t suppose to be in that room. This room is Amy’s and John’s private space. Mom taught me, that everyone has their own private space.

I’ve already been going for about five minutes. The two kids, probably think I fell in the toilet. I better do my business, and get back down stairs. Act like nothing happened.

When I went down stairs, both of the kids were doing their homework. I ask each of them, if they needed any help. Johnnie and Lucy said they were both finished. Both were just finishing up.
I waited until Amy came home from work. I told her what had happen upstairs. But I left out the part where I went into the room.
Just than, I heard a noise upstairs, when I was going to the bathroom. Looked in the master bedroom, where I thought the noise came from. Then I seen, the frame on the floor. “ I didn’t go into the room” said Sunnie.

But Amy be careful there is glass all over.”

After Amy paid me for babysitting,which she usually does. When it’s time for me to leave. I said good night to everyone and walked home, like I usually do.

While I was walking home, I had a lot of thinking to do.

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“Sunnie Haze” (11)

While both of them were finishing up their studies, one Friday night. I told them, I would be back in a couple of minutes. I had to go upstairs to the bathroom. They were sitting at the kitchen table, where they always do their homework.
I hurried up stairs, and I heard a noise. I stopped to try to see where the noise came from. I took a peek inside Amy and Johns bedroom, and I noticed something near their bureau. I walked over, and there was a large picture frame on the floor facing down. Pieces of glass, from the frame was scattered all over the floor.
I bend over to pick the frame up carefully, trying not to step on the glass. When I noticed an envelope taped on the back of the frame.” I know I shouldn’t look in the envelope. Thought Sunnie, but it’s not sealed so I’ll take a peek.”

“Oh my god!” said Sunnie Their was a photo of Sunnies dad and Amy kissing. He was holding her close to him. Also there was a mushy love letter inside the envelope. There wasn’t a heading on it, just signed, Your Love!

“My mother would die if she seen this letter and image!”! thought Sunnie.

Sunnie couldn’t figure out why Amy had the envelope hid behind the picture frame. Surly John could have found it. Why would Amy, be having an affair with my dad? She knows ,he is married to her so-called best friend, my mom.

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“Sunnie Haze” (9)

“ You are just repulsive! Mary! How am I going to face, Alise and Sunnie? I could give a dam about, Stan! By the way, how long has this been going on?
“Well, if you must know! said Mary. Stan and I have been dating, for a little over a year. I met him, one night at my girlfriends, surprise birthday party. It was held at “ Freddie’s Tavern,” a couple of blocks, from where I work. I seen him in there before, and wanted to join him. Because, he always sat by himself. At least, every time I seen him there. Anyway, that night at the birthday party,” he ask me. “If he could join me at the table, because I was sitting by myself.” My girlfriend, was with her boyfriend,Todd. Stan joined me, he brought me a couple of drinks. Because we sat there and was talking for a long time. He told me, he has a wife and daughter. But he really didn’t want to be married anymore. Stan was thinking of leaving his wife, Alise. There just wasn’t any magic anymore.” Mary said, she listen-up, and ask him,” if his wife worked at the local market”? “Yes! Stan answered, that’s the only job ,where they hired her. Alise never worked out of the house before. So when she was hired at the market she stayed.
“After a month or two,after us meeting at “Freddie’s Tavern”. We became more than friends, said Mary The best part, was when I found out,he was Alise’s husband. This was my chance to get even with that Bitch! “
Well you got even with her! Now without breaking their marriage up ,why don’t you break it up? Said Amy”

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“Sunnie Haze” (8)

What Amy didn’t tell Alise was, after Mary drove off. Amy went back in the kitchen to make a cup of tea. When she noticed a piece of paper, folded up, under the kitchen table. She thought, “something that Mary didn’t see.” Amy stooped over and picked the paper up.
She opened it, and was shocked to read that her sister. Was having an affair with Alise’s husband, Stan.
I knew Mary told Alise, years ago. When they were just teenagers. “That she would never forgive her, because of the decision she made at that time.”
“I don’t know ,how I’m going to tell Alise” thought Amy. I can’t believe my sister, would do such a thing. To my closest friend, we have been friends for years. I hope Alise doesn’t blame me in some way.
I have to make sure, Mary gets home safe–Sobers up. Then I ask her, what the hell is going on. She better have a good answer ,or I’ll never speak to my sister again.

Amy and Mary don’t live to far from each other. They talk once in a while on their phone. Mary seems to be busy with her work. Amy is busy with her family and work. It seems they just went their own way.
“Mary should be home by now. Let me call her. “ Amy dialed Mary’s number, it rang and rang, but no answer. Finally Mary, answered her phone. This was about 1:00 in the morning. After, Amy calling her sister half the night. “Where have you been? Asked Amy, I’ve been worried sick about you.” Mary response was, “I didn’t think, I have to answer, to you? Why is it any of your business?” Amy coolly answered, “You left after the party , to intoxicated, to drive home. I was concern about you that’s all.” Mary seemed to be annoyed, she said,” alright, now you know I’m fine.”
“One more thing Mary, you left your little love note, from Stan. I hope it isn’t Alise’s, husband Stan? “
Mary said, “Now the cat is out of the box.”
I can’t believe you could stoop so low. You know he is married! Where is your brain?”
“Again Amy! This is none of your dam business! Mary said, infuriated. Who are you to tell me , who the hell to see?”
“ The worse thing, besides them having a beautiful daughter. Alise is my best friend, you know that! How could you do such a thing?”
“ What I can remember, is being mocked by both of them, Paul and Alise. Even though, I thought, it was all Alise’s fault for excepting his offer. I vowed, to myself, I’ll get even with her, no matter how long it takes. So you see, we are even now.”