"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (26)

The little gathering went well,it was just like the old times. John and Stan were talking about work,and the different sports they enjoyed. Both of the children ate,and then went into the living room to watch T.V. Amy and I chatted about work,and taking a beginners course on using the Internet,which we both wanted to learn.

Stan and I stayed for a couple of hours. Amy was getting the kids ready for bed.

We both thanked them for dinner,and invited them over our house next week for dinner.

Stan and I slowly walked home holding hands,and loving every minute of it.
When we arrived home,Stan and I both went upstairs and checked on Sunnie.

When I opened her door,she was sound asleep.

Stan and I tip-toed into our bedroom,lightly shut and locked our door. Stan slowly undressed me,while he was kissing me all over. Then it was my turned,I couldn’t take his clothes off fast enough.
He had me all hot and bothered…he continued to kiss me on my neck,working down to my breasts. My nipples were hard as nails,and I was just wanting him. When he got on top of me,and went inside,I felt like screaming. But I knew Sunnie was nearby and I made the best of it.
After wards we laid in bed whispering,while Stan had his arms around my waist. We both can say,that was the best sex we had in a long time.

Stan went back to work in the middle of the week. When he came home he was tired,but we ate dinner together,and he helped me to clean-up the kitchen,and wash the dishes.

Sunnie called earlier,and said she was spending the night at her girlfriend’s house.

Stan and I watched a little T.V. together. Then we went upstairs,and made love again,we didn’t have to worry about Sunnie hearing us. The sex was even better than the night before,and that was fabulous.

Afterwards,we had a good nights sleep.

Saturday night came, and Sunnie got ready for her date. When Fred arrived to pick her up. Sunnie introduced him to me and her dad.

Stan told Fred,”Mr Fred Stones,you better take good care of my little girl,or you’ll have to answer to me.”

“Yes Sir,” He looked at Sunnie and said,”I’ll take real good care of your little girl,I promise.”

Sunnie didn’t know what to say,she just smiled and blushed.

“Come on Fred,I’m ready to go.”

Fred walked over to the door with Sunnie, and opened the door for her.

Before he closed the door,he turned around and said,”Don’t worry Mr.and Mrs. Haze,I’ll bring your little girl back,safe and sound.”

Just as he shut the door,Stan yelled,”You Better!”

“Stan turned to me,and smiled,”Let’s go upstairs, we’re alone again.”


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Did you receive my flowers?

I’m ecstatic, Carree, actually,sent me her address. Now I won’t feel so foolish. I’ll write her a letter tomorrow.

The next afternoon, Jim came in my office, and informed me. That Cliff, would be back into work tomorrow. “You don’t see me here, Amberly. Because the little birdie told you”,chuckled Jim. “Don’t worry Jim!,I laughed. The cats in the bag!”
I was contented, for the rest of the day. I couldn’t believe, how much I miss Cliff. It seemed like months, since we had dinner together.
Later that night, I made a small dinner. Because I wasn’t really hungry. I was so excited, about Cliff coming back.
Outside,it was raining real hard. You could hear the wind whistling. It was a night, that was great for sleeping. So I decided,to take a shower and go to bed a little early tonight.
When I wake up in the morning, I know it will be a beautiful day. Cliff will be here rain or shine.
The next morning, on the way to work. The sky was clear,and the birds were singing. They were letting me know what a beautiful day, was in store.
When I parked in the lot at work. I noticed,Cliff’s car already in the lot.
I rushed into the front door. Started to walk up the stairs,and stopped. Cliff was hanging over the balcony.
He said, “Amberly, I was up all night,I couldn’t sleep… I missed you so!”
I walked up the stairs,and when I got to the top.
Cliff grabbed me gently,and held me in his arms.
”Did you receive the flowers,I sent you?”
“I did” “They were just beautiful,Thank you.
Cliff,I surprised myself,while you were going. I found myself missing you.”
He leaned down and gave me a tender kiss, and I just melted.
All of a sudden,Jim walked out of his office-seen us standing there. He said, ”Isn’t it time to get to work, both of you?”
“Yes Sir!” Cliff said cheerfully.
Cliff turned to me, and held my hand.”Are we having dinner tonight?”
“Yes Cliff,I would”
“That’s my girl he said lovely! I’ll pick you up at seven”
“You have a deal!” I said
He gave me a quick kiss… ”see you later tonight.”

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Amberly Yaryish

I put another letter of Carree’s, in my desk drawer. She is really having, bad luck, with her boyfriends.
I hope, Cliff and I stay good friends. Even if doesn’t work out for us.

When I receive Carrees next letter. I hope, she has found, another place to live,of her own. Then maybe, she will send me her new address. I’m tired of it being, just one sided. I can’t respond to her, about,how I feel about all of this. With a little luck maybe next time.

The next day at work, I was trying to get a lot of things done. When a knock at the door, startled me. I said “Come in”….. A young man walked in, with flowers in his hand.
He said,”Is your name Amberly Yaryish?”
“Yes it is!”
Well here is a special delivery for you. I hope you like them?”
“I just loved them! I wonder who sent them? It’s not my birthday!”
“I don’t know, but I have to get back to work. I just started working at the florist,a couple of blocks from here ,on Bleek Street.”
“Thank you!” I said.
After he left,I couldn’t open the little envelope fast enough.

The note read,
”Amberly, I sent you the flowers, because I miss you.
I’ll see you again some time next week.”

I had tears in my eyes,the flowers were beautiful.
I couldn’t believe, he actually, missed me.
I can’t wait until he comes back.
I called my boss Jim on the phone.
I told him,that Cliff sent me flowers. He said, that he’ll see me,sometime next week.
Jim laughed,”I know Amberly, Cliff called me yesterday. He also mentioned the flowers.
But he told me,not to tell you,it was a surprise.”
Amberly, I didn’t know you and Cliff were seeing each other?”

Cliff and I just went out to dinner,the night before he left.
“I do know” Jim said, Cliff, has had, a crush on you. Since the last Christmas party,for all the employee’s. I’m surprised,he actually got up the nerve to ask you out.
“Well Jim,” I’m sure glad he did.
I’m finishing up for the day…. I’ll see you tomorrow,at the meeting. Good Night!”