"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (27)

Things were back to normal at our house. It was nearing the end of the summer.

Sunnie and Fred were making the best of it. Fred was getting ready to go off to college, in Texas.

Sunnie was enrolling soon,at the local Veterinarian School.

They both were excited about the changes. Sunnie said,they both promised each other to keep in touch with e-mails. But they both could date other people,and not get mad at each other.
Sunnie said,”If it was in the cards,and we both felt the same about each other after finishing college. Then maybe we would get married.

The second week of August,Fred left for college. Sunnie was very sad,but she knew this was coming. Fred promised he would keep in touch.

Fall was coming in,the days were cooler,the leaves were changing different colors.

Shades of a combination of yellow,orange and brown,just beautiful.

Sunnie was doing well in school,she always seems to adapt pretty well to educational changes.

Sunnie said that her and Fred communicated with e-mails,for about six months. Then they got less and less. He said that he didn’t have the time,to keep updating.. Fred was to busy with his studies.
When the time came for the breaks at holidays,Fred didn’t call,or even come and see Sunnie.
That is when she knew,their relationship was over. Since than,Sunnie has made many new friends. Also having the time of her life,and enjoying taking care of all the animals at work.
Amy and I are still best of friends. Sometimes,Amy and John,and Stan and I go out on the town together. But mostly we take turns,at each others house,and just play cards for fun.

The troublemaker has turn her life around. Mary has remarried,and is expecting twins in about three months. Amy said that Mary has giving up drinking. And regrets all the trouble that she has cause Stan and I. Maybe some day,I’ll be able to forgive her,but not today.


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Daydreaming (12)

The next day at work, didn’t go as fast, as I wanted it. But it was Friday ,so I made the best of it. Furthermore, tonight, I have a dinner date with Cliff. I hope he remembers , because I haven’t seen him today.
About a half hour before I was ready to leave, Cliff knocked on my door. Opened it and stuck his head in.
He smiled, “I hope you didn’t forget about our date?”
“Of course not Cliff! Besides I’m starving!
“Great News Amberly! So am I!
I’m going back to my desk and put everything away, until Monday. Most of my work is caught up with,away. Don’t go anywhere,I’ll be back,”(than he closed the door).
I stacked, all my papers neatly in a pile. So I could continue, where I had left off, on Monday. I shut down my computer. I then waited for Cliff to come back.
I hope Cliff and I enjoy our night. ( I thought) I’m being silly, the last holiday party we both attended from work. Cliff and I sat and talked, mostly all through the party. We were sharing things about our selves. I told him where I was from, the college I went to. Also, that, I had a married brother Darrin. Who lives in Florida…..They have three year old, twin boys.
He sat their the whole time, taking everything in. It seemed he was fascinated with every word I said. Cliffs alluring green eyes,gave him away.
When it was his turn, he told me, “He was raised in Willow Grove PA. He lived with his parents and his brother and sister. Until he went off to college, which was, “The University of Maryland.”
I then heard a knock at the door, it startled me. I must have been daydreaming.
I grabbed my handbag, and opened the door. Cliff was standing their and said, “Let’s get outta here!”