"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (22)

Alise and Amy had one of their busy days at work. Before they knew it,it was time to go home.

Amy didn’t tell Alise,that Mary called this morning. She didn’t want to ruin Alise day,she seem to be in a better mood,then yesterday.

On the way home,Amy told me,that she is too tired to cook.

”I’ll probably call and order Chinese. The kids and John will love the change. If you want to, come over around 6:00 and join us. You told me,Sunnie has a dinner date with Fred.”

“I don’t know Amy, maybe I will.”

When I arrived at my house,I went upstairs and took a shower. After I got dressed,I made a cup of ice tea. Went in my backyard,and just chilled for a while.Their was a nice cool breeze blowing. The sky was bluer than blue,and the birds were just singing away,so relaxing.

Just as I was ready to come in the house,the phone rang. I thought, it probably is Amy reminding me about the Chinese food.

I picked-up the phone,and a woman said,”Hello”

“Yes,may I help you?”

“Is this Mrs. Hazes speaking?”

“Yes it is!”

“Hello my name is Sheila,and I’m a nurse at Halway hospital in Bizazz. We have a patient here. His name is Stanley Haze, he gave me his phone number,and he asked me to call his wife.”

“What in the world happen to him?”

“He said he was walking out of the park,and a car came by and hit him. We don’t know who was driving,or what kind of car. Because the person that hit him didn’t stop. Stanley doesn’t remember anything else. He was hit pretty hard,the impact must of been great. He was unconscious when he was brought in,that was several days ago. He didn’t have any I.D. on him. So we didn’t know who he was. Mr. Haze has a fracture skull,and a broken leg. He’s been coming in and out of it. But he’s calling your name. If you come in,maybe he’ll be more alert. He is in room 2055,that is all I can tell you. You can talk to his doctor when you come in,his name is Dr. Vess.”

“Thank you for calling,I’ll be right over.”

“Drive safe,because he is find here,the staff has been taking good care of him.”

“Thanks again,I said. After I hung up,I called Amy,and told her the news.

“Do you want me to go with you,Alise?”

“No thanks,I’ll be find. I’ll call later,I have to tell Sunnie.


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“Sunnie Haze” (21)

Amy said she woke up real early this morning. She said she just couldn’t sleep.It was about 6:00a.m. John was already up, he was down stairs in the kitchen.

“Good Morning Love,”John said to Amy “It’s unusual for you to be up already this early. I just made a pot of coffee.”

“I know John,you can smell the coffee brewing up stairs. “It really smells so good!”

“I didn’t sleep very good last night. I’m worried about Alise,she just doesn’t seem like herself lately. We went to the mall yesterday. All she talked about was Stan,and how she misses, the old Stan.”

“Stan has really changed,said John. He is completely different since he had that bad accident at work. I haven’t seen him,in a couple of weeks, since Alise threw him out.

I called the bar where he goes,yesterday. The bartender told me,he wasn’t there. I still can’t believe,he was seeing another woman. Who would believe it was Mary, they really are like night and day.”
John looked at the clock and said, “I better get to work,he gave Amy a kiss,and said to her,”Give the kids a kiss for me,I love you.” Then he was out the door.

Amy woke Lucy and Johnnie up for school,after she drank her coffee. They were both excited about going to school today. Because they only had a half of day. The teachers are having one of their meetings. It gives the kids,a little break.

“I’m sure glad I found another babysitter,on such an short notice. Sunnie was good with my two kids,and they miss her. But they both seem to get along with Mallory,which is good.”

By the time it was time for me to go to work. Which was earlier than usual,Mallory was outside with Lucy and Johnnie. I was getting dressed when the phone rang. I picked the phone up.

The voice on the other line said,”Hello Amy!” Are you still mad at me?”

“It all depends if you broke your relationship off with Stan.”

“You might as well say I did! After Alise threw Stan out,he wanted to move in with me. I told him . “No”! …he got pissed. I haven’t seen him since. Has he been around their?”

“Not that I know of!” “I think if he was, Alise would of told me.”

“I thought, I would call you and ask. Because no one has seen him in a couple of days.”

“Just let it be Mary!” “Maybe Stan will come to his senses,and they could have back, their once, happy family again.”

“That’s okay with me,I think I learned my lesson. Good Bye Sis.”

After Amy hung the phone up,she finished getting dressed for work.

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“Sunnie Haze” (15)

The next day after Amy got her kids off to school. She walked over to my house to straighten things out. Before she arrived at my front door,she seen in front of her,Stan,putting his personal belonging,in his green pick-up.She said,he looked like he was taking enough, to stay for a while. I don’t think he seen me,so I stayed back,and waited for him to pull away.

Amy then knocked on the door,and she heard someone crying. She tried the door,and it was unlocked. Amy walked into my house,and seen me crying at the kitchen table.

“What’s the matter Alise? she said

“You dam right know what’s wrong! Sunnie came home and told me what she seen. She told me it was you and Stan,in a picture. With a love letter in an envelope.

When Stan came in from his all,out night again. I confronted him,about you and Stan.

He admitted it.

But he said, ”it’s not you,it’s Mary”.

I almost fell off my seat.

“Further more so what?” I’ll do what I want!” Stan yelled

“I cried out!” “Yes you can do what you want,after you leave with all your things.Now get the hell out of this house,and don’t come back.”

After he packed all his things,he said,”you’ll never make it on your own.”

“With tears,still in my eyes,” I yelled, “Just leave,and get the hell out of this house! Don’t even think of coming back!”

“What on earth are you going to do now,Alise?” Amy whispered

“I don’t know I muttered,but let’s get to work. I would like to stay home today, but I can’t.”

“You’ll probably feel better,being with other people.

I know I would,feel better.” Amy sighed

“Let’s go Amy!”

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“Sunnie Haze” (10)

Sunnie works most week-ends, babysitting for Amy. Once in a while Amy will ask, Sunnie if she would work for a couple of hours on Friday nights. So that she, and Alise can go shopping together. It’s what they call their night out.
At first Sunnie, didn’t care too much for the job that she had. But as the time went on, she seemed to like the job, and the money that she was paid.
I think, once she got to know the two kids better, she was happier. They were all happier together.
Amy wasn’t very hard on her, and the two kids were well-behaved. Except when Johnnie wanted to play his game on the internet, and Lucy wanted to play hers at the same time. Lucy would do her sulking, and Johnnie would tease her.

Everything was going great, weeks and months pass for Sunnie. All though she was having a good time babysitting and putting her pay away each week . Sunnie didn’t have much time as she liked, to volunteer at her favorite S.P.C.A.,in town. But the little time she did have, Sunnie tried to make the best of it.

Lucy and Johnnie, spends a lot of week-ends together with Sunnie. Because Amy works on the week-ends. They both learned to love Sunnie, because she was always nice to them. Sunnie likes to help both of the children with their homework, when she works Friday nights. Sometimes they don’t have any school work, for over the week-end .

All of them will just play games, that they like. Lucy and Johnnie both told Sunnie, that she makes their homework more fun to do and understand.

Lucy said “ mom yells at us, if we don’t get right answers”.

Johnnie said “mom said, we just don’t pay attention in school.”

Sunnie answered,”your mother wants the best for both of you. So when you both go out into the world, you’ll both will be educated.
Your mother and father, wants you both to get a well-paying job. So you won’t have to depend on no one but yourselves.

“When you both get older, you’ll understand.” Sunnie replied.

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“Sunnie Haze” (4)

Amy, is Alise’s friend from way back in their school days. Amy and her family, moved in town, when the girls were just starting school. They have known each other, since first grade.

Alise and Amy work at the same local market in town. Amy has a twin sister Mary. which some remember ,or don’t care to remember,because of her nasty attitude,sometimes.

Mary moved out of her parents house, right after high school. She always wanted to be her own person.

Alise never told Sunnie, that Amy had a twin. Sunnie was conscious only, that her mom and Amy were best friends from school. There was no cause to bring it up, about Mary.

The sisters both had long blonde hair, in school. Amy wore her hair in a flip, which was the style back in the day. Presently Amy wears her blonde curly hair to her shoulder, sometimes pulled back. Into a pony-tail.
Mary wore her hair in braids back then. The last time I seen Mary, she had short, curly, blonde hair, pulled back in the front, with a hair band. Mary and Amy, have blue eyes, are the same height, and were around the same weight.

Today Amy is a little heavier than Mary.

They both were happy and friendly in school. But they equally, had different personalities. Mary was the dominant one. She was very combative, and envious of her sister. Amy was vivacious, and kind. They both liked to socialize together, when they were younger. As they grew into teenagers, both of them had different friends. Mary always accused Amy of taking her friends away.

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“Sunnie Haze” (3)

When I told Stan, that Sunnie wanted to go to Veterinarian school.

His reply was, “Sunnie better start saving her own money now. If she wants to go to that dumb school. Why doesn’t she get a job at the market where you work? She doesn’t have to go to a special school for that. You didn’t, and they hired you.”

“You don’t have to be so smart, Stan!” I replied.

After, that discussion with him about Sunnie. I told her I would help her as much as I could. She knows, I don’t make that much money, and her father just gives me so much money for the household. I would like to know what he does with the money he has left over each week.”

He does go out with the guys on the week-end, and sometimes he stays out all night.

Stan said, “ He needs time for himself.”

Well that is the reason; Sunnie got a part-time job babysitting.

When Sunnie started looking for a part-time job, she didn’t have a clue what she was going to do.

Until Amy called me and told me, she was looking for a new babysitter.

The sitter she had, moved away with her parents, to a different town.

Because her father was laid off from his job. When he found another
job that he was interested in, online. He sent his resume in. About three weeks later, he got the good news, he was hired.

So the family decided to move closer to his new job. Which paid a great deal more money than his old job.

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“Sunnie Haze” (2)

My name is Alise, yes, I’m Sunnie’s mother. I work at the local market in town. I’ve worked there for about nine years. I like my job and my co-workers.

Sunnies dad’s name is Stanley, his friends call him Stan. He is about 5’8” with short curly black hair, with brown eyes and slender built. We have been married, for seventeen years. Stan, is a truck driver for a local construction company.

Sunnie is closest to me, her mom, her dad is always either working or out with his friends. Sometimes, I like it that way, because when Stan and I got married.

Everything seemed to go fifty-fifty and we were both happy with this.

Until Stan, had a bad fall at work, about three years ago. He seemed to change, after that, he hasn’t been himself lately. It seemed like his personality changed overnight.
“Everything wasn’t done fifty-fifty any more. It seemed the burden is all on me, said Alise. Stan works when he wants to, he doesn’t care about his part of responsibilities



” Stan even started drinking again.”
“If you even mentioned it to him, he gets very angry. He turned into the type of person who could, only feel important. By making others feel unimportant.”

Sunnie can’t believe the change in her father. Before he was very responsible, happy-go-lucky and fun to be around.
As a family, we use to plan things for the week-ends. Places that we might all like to go together.
We haven’t planned a vacation, for about four years. “The last vacation we had, we went to Ocean City, Maryland for two weeks.”

That was the best vacation ever,” I remember Sunnie saying..