"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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“Sunnie Haze” (23)

On the way to the hospital,I was a nervous-wreck.I should have left Amy bring me. But she has enough to do.

I thought to myself, ”it’s my fault,I threw Stan out, without thinking. No! That dam Mary,she is the crazy bitch. It’s all her fault for taking advantage of Stan. Just to get even with me.” “She’s a bitch,bitch,bitch!”I cried.

I pulled over to the side of the road,until I straighten myself out.

Mary with her sick mind would probably love for me to get in an accident. Then she really could have Stan to herself.

After I calmed down,I drove the rest of the way to the hospital. When I got their,I took the elevator to the second floor.
I stopped at the nurses station,and asked to see Dr. Vess.

Another nurse walked over to me, she was short with long brown hair,that was pulled back with a barrette.

“Hello!” I’m Sheila,you must be Mrs. Hazes.”

“Yes,I am,how is my husband?”

“He was just brought back from more testing. Stan is a little more alert,since he was brought back to his room. I told him you were on your way. That brought on a smile,and his eyes lite up.”

“Stan and I have been separated for a while.”

“Oooh! Sheila muttered, “you better go in to see him,I’m sure he’s waiting.”

I didn’t really know how to react,as I walked in his room. Their were two beds in the room. An older man was in the first bed sound asleep,lowly snoring with his mouth open. As I slowly walked over to the next bed,that was next to the window. It was Stan,with a big bandage,wrapped around his head. His right leg was in a sling. He had his eyes closed. But as soon as I got closer to his bed,his eyes opened up.

Tears flowed down his face, his voice was all broken-up. Alise he cried,”I’m so sorry,I don’t know,what in earth happened to me.
After I had that bad fall at work,I felt so funny,I was saying things,that I didn’t mean. I treated you and Sunnie awful. You and Sunnie must hate me? Especially,you.. I don’t know why I was running with Mary. I’m so sorry Alise.”

I held his hand,and told him,just get better Stan. We’ll straighten this out later.


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“Sunnie Haze” (16)

Later that day,Sunnie came in from school.She went up to her room and finished her homework. Afterward,she got changed and went to the s.p.c.a. to help feed the animals. She thought out loud,while she was walking to the shelter. ”I better keep my mind busy,this is so surreal,about what’s going on in this family. I hope mom and dad, will make up. If dad comes to his senses,and mom forgives him.”

That day at work,was hard for Alise. She was ostensibly,to all her customer’s. But Alise held her head up high. She wasn’t gone to let Stan get the best of her.

I can’t blame Amy,she sighed,it’s her stupid sister’s doing. How can she hold a grudge on something that happened long ago? She thought,especially something stupid as an prom date.

After work,Amy and I walked home. I didn’t say too much to Amy at first.But Amy kept telling her,that, “she was sorry this happen. Also,she was sorrier,because it started, with her crazy sister.”

Amy I said,”My problem is out the door. I just don’t know how to tell Sunnie,I threw her father out.”

“Sunnie knows what is going on with her father. She is very intelligent,and old enough to understand.”

“I hope so!” I sure don’t want her to blame herself,for what happened.”

“She’ll understand, Alise.”

We both arrived near our house,and I told Amy,”That I would see her tomorrow at work.”
“If you need me,call,or just come over. I’ve got to bring this pass John tonight.”
When I unlocked my front door,and walked into the foyer.

I just cried my eyes out,immediately after I shut the door.

When I came to my senses ——— I thought, ”I better get myself together, it’s almost 6:30 p.m. Sunnie was due home soon.”

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“Sunnie Haze” (14)

After Amy slammed the phone down, Mary had a good laugh.

Mary was listening to her country station,when her sister called. Mary,lately likes to sit in her bedroom,with the lights low,and listen to her radio.

Lets not forget about her booze. Mary was a drinker, but she drank more after she met Stan.
Every where they went together,there was always booze in the picture. But she put up with it,because she didn’t want him to not like her.As long as she went along with him,she had an opportunity to get even with, smart-ass Alise.

The more she got to know Stan,the more she disliked him. He really was a women-hater. He always makes not-nice remarks, about women.

For example: This one is a whore,I know the way they look,or this one is ugly as sin. Just dumb shit! You think this is nuts! You should hear him when he is drunk.
Talking about drunk,I got so drunk and horny one night. I made the big mistake of asking him to spend the night with me. I can’t say,we didn’t have a hot time. I just didn’t want this to happen, but it did.

Nevertheless, this is the reason,she left the envelope under her sister’s table. Mary knew,it would get back to Alise. Her best friend,who she seems to like better than her own blood.

Mary thought, Amy would show it to Alise,and it would just rock her world. Then this vendetta would end,and Mary could get on with her life. Mary knew this was petty,but she wanted Alise to feel,like she did,long time ago.

It’s just ashamed, that Alises daughter, found the envelope first. It is what it is! Maybe if there’s a next time, she won’t be so nosy.

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“Sunnie Haze” (4)

Amy, is Alise’s friend from way back in their school days. Amy and her family, moved in town, when the girls were just starting school. They have known each other, since first grade.

Alise and Amy work at the same local market in town. Amy has a twin sister Mary. which some remember ,or don’t care to remember,because of her nasty attitude,sometimes.

Mary moved out of her parents house, right after high school. She always wanted to be her own person.

Alise never told Sunnie, that Amy had a twin. Sunnie was conscious only, that her mom and Amy were best friends from school. There was no cause to bring it up, about Mary.

The sisters both had long blonde hair, in school. Amy wore her hair in a flip, which was the style back in the day. Presently Amy wears her blonde curly hair to her shoulder, sometimes pulled back. Into a pony-tail.
Mary wore her hair in braids back then. The last time I seen Mary, she had short, curly, blonde hair, pulled back in the front, with a hair band. Mary and Amy, have blue eyes, are the same height, and were around the same weight.

Today Amy is a little heavier than Mary.

They both were happy and friendly in school. But they equally, had different personalities. Mary was the dominant one. She was very combative, and envious of her sister. Amy was vivacious, and kind. They both liked to socialize together, when they were younger. As they grew into teenagers, both of them had different friends. Mary always accused Amy of taking her friends away.