"Sunnie Haze"

"Their's a trouble- maker in every family"

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Club Fridwell

”Saturday afternoon Cliff call, and asked me if I wanted to go to Fridwell’s, tonight. This is a well know club, for singles.
I told him, that I would love to. He said, he would pick me up at 7:00.
I was ready by 6:30, I wore a pair of black jeans,and a white,pull-over sweater,with little black dots on it. Also a pair of my black heels.
Cliff called back around 6:45,and said he would pick me up in 10 minutes.
I grabbed my bag,turned my lights off,went out my door,and locked it.Went down the stairs,to wait for him.
I didn’t have to wait very long,Cliff pulled up in his red car.I got in.Cliff said,”Hi! I would of come up,and got you.”
“I know that Cliff”
“You look lovely tonight, as usual Amberly.”
“You look handsome,as usual yourself.I giggled.

“I’ve never,been to Fridwell’s before.” I said

“The last time,I was there. A buddy of mine and I went,about three months ago. We both,had a good time…there was a girl there. That Jeff, knew, he introduced me,and Lori,introduced me to her friend,Shirley. Their wasn’t anything, romantic about Shirley. But she seem,like a nice girl.”

When we both walked into the club,the lights were dim. The music was loud. A lot of people were dancing,and having a good time. Cliff and I found a small table,in the back. The cocktail waitress came over, and we both order a drink.Cliff and I were holding hands, across the table. Cliff looked in my eyes,and said ”Amberly,you are the love of my life,I love you.”
Just as the server came back with our drinks,Cliff paid her.
I said,”This is the first drink,I had, in a long time.I hope I don’t get woozy on you.”
“Don’t worry, we’re here to have a good time.I’ll take care of you.”
At that moment,the deejay,played a slow song.”Would you care to dance?” Cliff said,with a twinkle in his eyes.
“Yes,of course! I laughed, “I’m warning you,I have two left feet.”
“So do I! “We should make a great couple,let’s try.”
Cliff held me close to him, with his arms around me.His body was warm and his cologne was,breathtaking. He turned on a button,and I wanted him. Cliff must of felt the same way.I’m going to try and restrain myself.(I said to myself)
What I can remember of the rest of the night. We had a very good time.
Later that night,I remember Cliff drove me home. He walked me up to my apartment.Once we both entered my door,I closed it, and locked the door.
Cliff took me in his arms, held me close, and we started kissing. We both tried to restrain our selves. This wasn’t working,we found ourselves,in my bedroom. I just slammed the door shut.

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New Address

I have my usual things to do on Saturdays. But I thought, I would sit down at my desk. Write Carree a letter… So I did.

Dear Carree,
Hello! This seems so bizarre, writing to you. I’m so used of keeping up with you, from your letters.
I’m glad to have heard,that you left Cathy’s and Boo’s apartment. I’m sure, you didn’t need any more stress, in your life.
I hope you,and Hunter, are happy.
I was surprise to hear,you had a man in your life. That was your little secret. You were probably,very leery,of men for a while. But life is,all about taking chances. So I hope Hunter,is good to you,and for you.
You sure deserve,happiness after,what you had wrote me. With growing-up and all,the stress,you and your sister went through.
Have you talked, to your parents, since you left home? There are a lot of people,who have the same denial,problem. Your mother and father,will have to deal with it together.
I’m happy to say, that I have a man, in my life. His name is Cliff Wheeler. He is from, Willow Grove, PA. We met at a party, that we have each year, at work. He works, at the same place, I do. I really met him,last year,at our Christmas party. It seemed we weren’t concerned, about the party going on. Because, we sat and talked, through, the whole party. He is like my soul-mate. We almost, have the same things in common.
We have been going out to dinner, a lot. He is such a dreamboat… Cliff is about 5’8”. with light brown hair, and he has these dreamy green eyes. When I look at him, I just melt.
My mother doesn’t even know anything about Cliff. I’m not going to even tell her yet. When I talk to her on the phone. All she can think about is, my brother being married, and I’m not.

I’ll let her know, the good news, when, I’m ready.

Enough about me…write me when you get time.

P.S. It would be nice,if we could communicate by e-mail.
My e-mail address is…www.amberlys@title.com

Your Friend,

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We Walked Hand in Hand

We both walked out of the apartment, holding hands. Until we got to the restaurant down the street.
Before we went into the restaurant,Cliff gave me one of his hot kisses.
He whispered in my ear. ”I love you”
When we both entered the restaurant,it didn’t seem,very busy.
There was the smell of fresh brewed coffee.
The hostess, came over and seated us. We were seated back, in a cozy corner,at a table. We were still holding hands,the hostess probably thought we wanted a little privacy. (Which we did)
With a smile on the hostess face, she said, “Your server will be right with you” Then she placed menus on the table.
When the server came over,He said, “My name is Joe,I’ll be your server. Can I get your drinks, and an appetizer?”
“I’ll have a cup of coffee,it’s smells great.”
Cliff said,I’ll have a tall glass of water, with a lemon wedge. Amberly, what do you want for an appetizer?”
“Just my coffee right now, until we decide want we’re going to eat. You order something, for yourself.” “Okay” “Joe, please, bring me a toss salad, with vinegar and oil.” Joe said,”Right away.”
We both looked at the menu, and decided on the, Pot Roast special, with roasted potatoes, and carrots.
Joe brought back my coffee, and Cliff’s salad. Then Cliff gave the server, our order.

“How’s your father doing?” I asked.
“My father, is recuperating from a heart attack. His doctor, released him from the hospital. Gave him orders, to get a lot of rest. Then things would get back to normal, soon.
My dad is very tenacious. He said, ”Why all this big fuss? You both get on with your life, your mother and I, will be fine.”
My sister Alisha,and I, just looked at each other.
Mom said, “We’re going to be fine. Your father and I, appreciate both of your concerns.”
“My sister and I left, the next day. Mom has it covered. Alisha and I will take turns calling. To make sure, everything is okay with them both.”

“Your parents, sounds like mine, very independent.”
Cliff had a smile on his face. “Maybe someday we will be also.”
Joe came over,and place our food,in front of us. Then he took,the empty plate,the salad was in. “Is there anything else,I can get you both?” We both said,no. Then Joe said,” I’ll be back to check on you.”
Cliff,took my hand in his.He said,enough about my parents.I’ll introduce you to my family,when I go back for Thanksgiving.”
“Let’s enjoy our meal,and talk about us.”
We both exchanged, what happened, after Cliff, went back home.
Cliff looked at me with his alluring green eyes “I was really concerned about my father. But when I found out, he was going to be okay.”
“All I could think about, was you… I fell in love with you. The first time, I met you at our office party. You were sweet,when you asked, if you could sit down at the table, where I was seated. Do you remember, when we talked through the whole party?”
“Yes I do Cliff” “We clicked right away, because we both ,mostly had the same likes. You were very easy to, converse with. You were also very interesting to listen to. I liked you a lot,after that, you seemed to grow on me.”
Joe came over, then Cliff asked him for the check.
We walked, hand in hand,to my apartment.Neither one of us uttered a word.
When we reach my front door, Cliff took me in his arms…kissed me gently. Then whispered in my ear again,”I love you!”
“I love you also” Then we kissed again,this time it was more softer,and much longer. I tried to compose myself, there were goose bumps, going up and down my spine.
I thanked him, for the delicious dinner.
Cliff said,”I’ll call you maybe tomorrow.”
“That’s fine with me.”
“Good Night Cliff.”
I shut my door, said to myself.(Is this really happening?)

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Waiting for Cliff

I made it home, around five o’clock. The traffic was horrible; everyone must be on their way home.To get ready for the weekend.
I am excited, I’m in love…but I have to take it slow. I can’t get my hopes up to high.
I better get ready,before Cliff comes. It’s almost six o’clock.
I put on my pink dress, with little red roses on the belt.
I fell in love with the dress,after I noticed it on the rack. I was saving it for a special occasion. Which, was tonight. I even styled my hair,into a French twist. Then I attached a little red rose on the side of the twist. Slid on my black heels,and I was ready.
All I needed was Cliff to show up.
By seven-thirty,Cliff didn’t arrive yet,that had me worried.I looked out my front window,at the street below,several times.Still didn’t see Cliffs,red car.So I went back in the living room,and waited patiently.
Around seven-forty-five,I heard a light tap on my front door “Who is it?”
“Amberly, it’s Cliff!”
I got up from my chair, unlocked the door and left him in.
He wore a nice casual green sweater,that brought his sexy green eyes out. I notice he also had a pair of brown khaki trousers on, with brown dress shoes. He looked handsome.
“Amberly, I’m sorry, I’m late. I didn’t get out of work until six. The traffic wasn’t that great either.”
“I thought you changed your mind.”
“Never” When it comes to you. But it would be a lot easier if you gave me your cellphone number.” Cliff wrote down his number,on a receipt,he had in his pocket.
I wrote down mine on a piece of paper,that I had on my desk.”I might as well, give you my e-mail address. This way there will be no excuses.” I handed it to him, and he took his receipt back. Added his e-mail address on it.
“Now,neither one of us,has to wonder.”Cliff said.

“You look even more beautiful tonight.” Cliff took me in his arms,and held me gently,then he gave me a soft kiss. That kiss seemed to go down my spine. He took my hand in his a said. “I love you.” I looked at him,and said,”I love you to.” He gave me another soft kiss,and said, ”I think we better get out of here before it’s to late.”
We both walked out of the apartment, holding hands. Until we got to the restaurant down the street.

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Did you receive my flowers?

I’m ecstatic, Carree, actually,sent me her address. Now I won’t feel so foolish. I’ll write her a letter tomorrow.

The next afternoon, Jim came in my office, and informed me. That Cliff, would be back into work tomorrow. “You don’t see me here, Amberly. Because the little birdie told you”,chuckled Jim. “Don’t worry Jim!,I laughed. The cats in the bag!”
I was contented, for the rest of the day. I couldn’t believe, how much I miss Cliff. It seemed like months, since we had dinner together.
Later that night, I made a small dinner. Because I wasn’t really hungry. I was so excited, about Cliff coming back.
Outside,it was raining real hard. You could hear the wind whistling. It was a night, that was great for sleeping. So I decided,to take a shower and go to bed a little early tonight.
When I wake up in the morning, I know it will be a beautiful day. Cliff will be here rain or shine.
The next morning, on the way to work. The sky was clear,and the birds were singing. They were letting me know what a beautiful day, was in store.
When I parked in the lot at work. I noticed,Cliff’s car already in the lot.
I rushed into the front door. Started to walk up the stairs,and stopped. Cliff was hanging over the balcony.
He said, “Amberly, I was up all night,I couldn’t sleep… I missed you so!”
I walked up the stairs,and when I got to the top.
Cliff grabbed me gently,and held me in his arms.
”Did you receive the flowers,I sent you?”
“I did” “They were just beautiful,Thank you.
Cliff,I surprised myself,while you were going. I found myself missing you.”
He leaned down and gave me a tender kiss, and I just melted.
All of a sudden,Jim walked out of his office-seen us standing there. He said, ”Isn’t it time to get to work, both of you?”
“Yes Sir!” Cliff said cheerfully.
Cliff turned to me, and held my hand.”Are we having dinner tonight?”
“Yes Cliff,I would”
“That’s my girl he said lovely! I’ll pick you up at seven”
“You have a deal!” I said
He gave me a quick kiss… ”see you later tonight.”

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Cathy and Little Joey

After work the next day. I had another letter from Carree, in the mail.
The letter read:
Dear Amberly,
I haven’t written in a while. Because, there was a lot of things going on. I finally moved out of Cathy’s and Boo’s apartment. I didn’t think, my move, would be so fast.
What led up to all of this was.
One night, after I finished my shift. I went home… when I enter the apartment. I noticed, the furniture was thrown all over and broken. There were also pieces of broken glass on the floor.

The first thing I did, was look for Cathy and the baby. The bathroom door was closed. I could hear Cathy and the baby crying, behind the door. I grabbed, the door knob, I turned it to see if it was locked, which it was.
“Cathy,I yelled! Unlock the door, its Carree.”
She unlocked the door, came out holding the baby in her arms.
“Cathy said,I’ve been in there with the door locked,for a while. I was waiting for you.
Boo,came home drunk again,late this afternoon. I told him,he has to leave. Boo went into a rage,and you can see what he did. I was frighten for me and the baby. So I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I heard Boo go back out and slammed the door shut. He yelled, “Shove this place up your ass.”
I was waiting for you, to tell you why this place is a mess.I’m taking the baby,and myself,over to my mother’s. She’ll let me stay their for awhile, until, I find another place,without him. I’m going to go tomorrow and get a court order against him. So he will stay away from me and little Joey. Until he goes, and gets help for his problem. I don’t think, he would harm us,I just want to feel safe.
“Carree, I know my mother,will leave you stay the night.But where will you go after that?”
“Well” I sighed, I told Cathy, that Hunter, who I’ve been dating for a while. Knows what we have been going through with Boo, on occasion. He keeps asking me to move in with him.I’ll give him a call,tonight some time.”
I’m glad the weather was clear.Because,we had to put a lot of our personal things in her car. Before Boo came back.
Amberly, I moved in with Hunter,he is happy now,so am I. I feel real safe now.
I’ll write to you later.
I almost forgot. Silly me!
Hunter and my address is:
10005 Peach Wood Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado
You can write me, for a change. (LOL)
Your Friend,

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Mom’s at it again!

The next morning, on the way to work. It started pouring so fast, that I could hardly see in front of me. I had to pull-over to the side of the road.
When the rain, slowed down, I notice, there were a couple of other cars stopped.

I pulled out, and when I arrived at work. The meeting had already started.
I said, hello to everybody…Jim said,”Amberly,you didn’t miss much. We were all talking about Cliff,coming back next week. So we all have this extra work to do,by Thursday. Everyone at the meeting, agreed to do their share of work.

After,I got finished work. I was hungry, because, I didn’t take my lunch break. Actually, I was too tired to cook, for myself. My plan is to stop at the restaurant, near my apartment. They have, the most delicious,Chicken –n- dumplings. Then I’ll go home and relax.
When I got home,and took my heels off. The phone started ringing.
My mother was on the other line.
She said, “Amberly, I thought,I would give you a call. You haven’t called in a while.”
“I know Mom, I have been so busy at work, and when I come home. I am tired,and just eat, read and go to bed.”
“That doesn’t sound like a life to me.” my mother said.
“Well mom, this is the life, that I like.”
Mom went on about my brother Darrin and his family.
I didn’t want to argue with her again. I changed the subject,
”How is Dad?”
“Your father, is a little under the weather other wise, he’s fine.
“Well tell him…I hope he’s feeling better. Love you both.”
Just as I hung the phone up, it rang again.”What did you forget to tell me, mom?”

“Hi Amberly! This is Judy!”
“Is there something wrong? I didn’t expect to hear from you, so soon.”
“Some friend you are,I don’t just call,with bad news!”
“I’m sorry Judy, I didn’t mean it that way. I just had a call from my mother. As you already know, she isn’t happy with my love life.”
Judy laughed, ”I thought she might of just dropped it by now.”
“No, she hasn’t, she’s going full force.”
“Well, you know your mother is right.”
“Don’t you start, give me a break.”
“The reason I called, is because, I met this real nice guy.
His name is Pete,I’ve been going out with him,for about a month. He treats me like a person.
Besides, Teddy thinks, he is awesome. They get along great.”

I teased her,”You sure didn’t take long,to find another man.”

Judy sighed, “That no good bastard, stole twelve years, of my life, away from me! I have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Just be careful,Judy.”

“I didn’t say, we were getting married, anytime soon. I’ll let you go,because it is late,and we both,have to get up early for work.”
“Thanks,for sharing your good news with me.”
“Goodnight”,Judy said